Fuck Yeah Aspergers Robot

Hello fellow aspie-heads.

I made this blog to express various aspie-related jokes and memes. Or otherwise general ASD/Neurodiverse memes.

Over time its evolved into an advice blog. I'd like it to be primarily memes but I'm really happy to answer questions, and I get way more questions than I do submissions!

I chose a robot because-- well, obviously AS individuals can be a little less feeling and a lot more logical. But as Johnny Five shows us, Robots can still feel.

Feel free to submit as many Asperger Syndrome related memes as you want, for your own experiences or even friend's. All I ask is that you be courteous to others.

I'm not a professional, just a fellow ASD individual~
~ Monday, November 21 ~

NT to AS dictionary

Feel free to send me your NT phrases and I’ll do my best to translate them! xD

NT: Does this dress make me look fat?

Translation: Please tell me I look pretty, regardless of how it actually looks.

NT: That’s not my specialty. / I don’t know much about that.

Translation: I don’t care about that topic.

NT: *Flat tone* Mn… Yeah… Uh-huh….

Translation: Please stop talking about that, its boring to me.

NT: Are you okay?

Translation: I care about you and don’t like seeing you in pain. Please tell me what I can do to help, or tell me you’re fine.

NT: How are you?

Translation: I’d like to hear that you’re doing good.

NT: Oh sorry, I’m not in the mood for that.

Translation: No, I don’t want to go to that restaurant. But I am hungry and would like to eat with you, so pick another one.

NT: I don’t feel good…

Translation: Please provide me with sympathetic phrases such as “aww.”

NT: I don’t like ____.

Translation: Tell me what you don’t like about ____ too, or a similar thing you dislike.

NT: Ugh this tastes terrible, try it.

Translation: I’m experiencing discomfort in eating this, I want you to validate those feelings.

NT: Ugh! John Doe is such a jerk!

Translation: I’m really mad at this person and I need you to ask what they did, and agree with me, regardless of your feelings about them. I’ll eventually calm down.

NT: *Insert a problem that is causing distress*

Translation: Listen to me. Do not give me advice unless I say it is okay. Agree with me.

NT: Stop animal cruelty!(Or other clearly bad action)

Translation: Animal cruelty makes me feel bad just knowing it exists. I need to vent this emotion somewhere.

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